Monday, February 28, 2011

Bob The Poet

Several years ago, Howrey gave its Bootcampers a notebook emblazoned with the Howrey log.  The reverse side of the cover reproduced a poem from Howrey's poet laureate, Bob Ruyak.  I pulled the poem from the comments section, and it's time I reproduced the poem in its own post.  Enjoy, my lovelies.

By the way, a "leader" is not a "characteristic."


A leader is not a concept,
But the defining characteristic of
A person or organization.

One not content to stand on familiar ground,
Or master the known,
But compelled to explore the unexplored,
Grasp for the untouched, and
Keep the unthinkable firmly in mind.

One who embraces Risk as the price of success,
Change as the fuel of progress,
Dreams as the window to the future,
And Creativity as a sacred obligation.

One who believes that the Extraordinary is ordinary,
Goals have no limits,
Values cannot be compromised, and 
Total Commitment is a way of life.

Leaders are often misunderstood,
Frequently criticized, sometimes derided,
But never ignored.

The world doesn’t always agree with them
And they like that.

Some think they are a little crazy,
But that’s the human side of genius.

For all of this they have earned our respect,
Our confidence and a following.

That’s why we call them Leaders.

-Robert F. Ruyak
Managing Partner & CEO


  1. It is impossiblt to know where to start pulling this one apart. But the author is more than "a little crazy". If the thing had been circulated to the partners, maybe they would have taken back the firm years ago.

  2. Another poem:

    HUBRIS is not a concept,
    But a conclusion drawn
    From the actions of the inept.

    When superficial success begets arrogance,
    Masquerading as confidence,
    Increasingly willing to sacrifice others before providence.

    Ego-driven change for change's sake,
    A thirst for plaudits difficult to slake.
    A "visionary" who drank his own Kool Aide.

    Conservative Fiscal Management abandoned for fame,
    Magazine covers of expansion untamed,
    Only the detritus of vanity will remain.

  3. Another poem:

    ASSOCIATE is not a job,
    But circumstance bordered
    By the uncertainties of Wednesday

    When inflated salaries beget inordinate confidence
    Today's family budget belies
    Tomorrow's balloon payment

    A law firm that needs a cheesy campaign
    Is not "where leaders go"
    But where consultants feed

    The prestige of Brussels
    Sprouts from beds well fertilized
    By the AV club of DC's legal establishment

  4. screwing you over one step at a timeFebruary 28, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    well... Ruyak and Boland have pulled another fast one -- giving attys half their paycheck today and "promising" that the other half be paid on the 15th by WS or by Howrey if the deal doesn't go forward. Boland can suck ass. If Ruyak comes near me, consider him a ghost. Tightfisting funds. I wonder if Ruyak, Boland, and Wolf were paid in full.

  5. Anyone else want to expand on this? Who received the email? Maybe provide a quote of the text?

  6. It almost sounds like they're effectively giving all attorneys two weeks notice. You get paid for two weeks, and then you're done, unless WS picks you up. If I were there, I'd put very little stock in Ruyak & Boland's promises to pay you again on March 15.

  7. GODDAMN this blog is so freaking ignorant. UGH.

  8. And no less so by virtue of your posts 10:44.

  9. There once was that person named Bobbby
    Who took up the law as a hobby
    Then Ralph let him run Howrey
    But he focused on poetry
    Now, alas, the whole firm has gone wobbly