Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Construction Group Moving to Pillsbury, Bootcamp Cancelled, and Bob's Poetry Is Spreading Like Bedbugs

Yikes.  WSJ Law Blog is reporting (as are many others, I'm behind today) that 15 construction lawyers are headed to Pillsbury.  John Heisse, David Dekker, Robert Thum, Jeffrey Gans, Melissa Lesmes, and Michael McNamara are the partners involved, and they will populate the LA, SF, DC, and NY offices.  According to the commenters, these folks had offers from Winston, but bailed.

I would also like to note that Bob Ruyak's ode to leadership, which was posted here late last week by an anonymous commenter, has made its way to the folks at Above the Law.  I am so glad Bob's poetry is reaching a wider audience.

Above the Law is also reporting that Bootcamp has been canceled.  Via two-sentence email sent to the 2Ls who signed up for it.  This reminds me of the episode of Sex In The City in which someone broke up with Carrie via a Post-It Note.



    Very interesting article on Roger Klein.

  2. Does anyone have the e-mail. Just curious.