Monday, March 7, 2011

Partnership Dissolution Vote on Wednesday (supposedly)

That's what AmLaw Daily claims, in what will be probably one of the most anticlimactic partner votes in BigLaw history.


  1. Sooo, Where is Waldo, er, Bob Ruyak? Inquiring minds want to know. Does he have the gall actually to enter the building? Walk around? Are the partners(who is left anyway?) so supine that they will let him "manage" the windup of the firm? Will he set his own compensation for that? Can he afford all the legal fees soon to be incurred? The silence on this has been surprising.

  2. Winston & Strawn has trained a bunch of bed bugs to crawl into peoples' ears and subliminally manipulate a person's behavior. They intend to secretly distribute the bedbugs in the Howrey conference rooms and thereby exercise control over the Howrey partners during the dissolution vote on Wednesday.

  3. Good night, Howrey. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

  4. ..Goodnight office
    Goodnight bonus
    Good night strategy jumping over the logic
    Goodnight desk
    And the red balance sheet
    Goodnight Bob
    Goodnight Matt
    Goodnight summers
    And goodnight bummers
    Goodnight bros
    And imaginary slam piece hos
    Goodnight big leases
    And Dewey taking all of the pieces
    Goodnight document review
    And goodnight briefs
    Goodnight Advantage
    Goodnight Focus(TM)
    And goodnight to Ruyak
    whispering "hush" (it's fine, FINE, I tell you!)
    Goodnight to Brussels and San Fran stars
    Goodnight Bar Bri fees
    Goodnight junkets beneath palm trees
    Goodnight Howrey.
    Good morning, welcome to Wal Mart.

  5. Ghost of Abraham LincolnMarch 8, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    I feel sick...